Cannabis International: juicing leaf and seeding a future

    "As cannabis heals, we heal. As we disseminate the incontrovertible science that describes the interface between the Endogenous Cannabinoid System and the Phytocannabinoids found in cannabis, Treaty One will be amended to remove cannabis; freeing it up for access as a raw leaf."
    "It is important that we become involved: That we try to preserve cannabis as a dietary essential, for the prevention of disease - as well as for the treatment; and that we realize that corporate control and big pharm are closing in fast: the mechanism will be legalization - but if you want to grow, it will be like moonshining; you'd have to be going fully illegal, which is going to be a lot of strain on people who would like to have daily, unfederated access to this plant." — William L. Courtney

    For many patients, raw dietary cannabis means a renewed quality of life. 
    Historically, raw dietary cannabis is a tool for sharpening mental clarity, and as an aid to organs of elimination.     
    Considering 10,000 years of co-evolution, most of mankind has eaten raw cannabis, along with every other vertebrate unable to make a flame: "It's only the human that takes THC-acid, heats it and converts it into THC."
    Now, international clinicians and patients are applying the concepts of juicing with the use of dietary cannabis. 50 of Cannabis International's patients have been successful using raw cannabis to treat cancer, and 150 treated conditions, akin to the anemia that threatened life for Regina Nelson (who has shared this while learning from patients how cannabis is renewing each of their health).

    "I believe cannabis is a dietary essential for all 7 billion people in it's ability to prevent conditions as well as treat conditions that could already exist.
At Cannabis International, one of our major projects is the production of a billion pounds of seed and the distribution of those to folks who are living on a dollar a day. So, we give them a pound of cannabis, they put it in the ground, they get Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids, Essential Cannabinoid Acids. We're trapping 5 billion acres of CO2; and we produce the most healthiest people on the planet, and the last become first - and we have a Clinical study.
But we cant call it a Clinical study because that's a crime: Because this drug has no benefits. But it would be an amazing thing to see a billion people who no longer develop Heart disease or Diabetes and are doing well.
   Currently working on a strain called Carbon Capture and Storage, that could provide leaf and flower running 20% CBD.
   If people need another reason to be active, it is in reversing the Treaty One, immediately. Stop that legislation that prevents this plant from being used by billions of people in the world, for whom that is really their only source of analgesia and anti-inflammatory, anti-neoplastic, anti-fungal, anti-bacterial, anti-malarial, anxiolytics and anti-psychotics. It has captured these molecules that help our bodies regulatory system be more effective."

    "If there is a word I would choose for my tombstone that would summarize the last six or seven years, if not the rest if my life, it's the clear vision that cannabis as a plant, with all of its incredible synergy is a homeostatin for animals. You have two parts of the carbon cycle: you've got the plants that take in CO2 and produce sugars and food and exhale O2: so you have the plant and animal as two parts of this integrated carbon cycle as complementary aspects. What is that relationship about? Why would a plant produce 120 carbon molecules that primarily regulate the intracellular environment of the animal?
The animal takes that oxygen and mixes it and produces CO2. They go back and forth and why would a plant spend such an incredible amount of energy to produce these molecules that
support the physiology of the cell?
And now we know that this GPR-55 (CB3) receptor is part of the nuclear membrane, we know that it is found on the mitochondria; we know it is found on the endoplasmic reticulum, and on the lysosomes and endosomes. And that the Acids are the molecules that act at that site.
When we take the plant-the cannabis-and heat it, then you lose that interface.
The homeostatin is a molecule that supports homeostasis and the restoration of optimal function: it takes the over-active cell and down-regulates, the underactive it up-regulates. The homeostatin is the molecule that mediates homeostasis and its complement in the world
genome. And so there is this very very deep relationship between the plant and the animal. And l believe its primary role is the optimal function of life on the opposite side of the pole. An interface as beautiful as a relationship can be."

    "The bottom line is it's a dietary essential that helps all 210 cell types function more effectively. I don't even refer to it as a medicine anymore, strictly as a dietary essential. Used as the dietary essential that it is, there is no need to call it a medicine."

    "If you heat the plant, you will decarboxylate THC-acid and you will get high. You'll get your 10 mg (of THC). If you don't heat it, you can go up to five or six hundred milligrams, use it as a dietary cannabis and push it up to the anti-oxidant and neuro-protective levels which come into play at hundreds of milligrams. It is this dramatic increase in dose from 10 mg of psychoactive THC to the 500 mg - 1,000 mg of non-psychoactive THCA, CBDA, and CBGA that comprises the primary difference between traditional ‘Medical Marijuana’ and Acidic Cannabinoid Dietary Cannabis. However, other compounds in the plant, such as terpenes, may have an effect on mood or energy levels."

    "Cannabis is an incredibly complex, synergistic plant whose constituents have yet to be completely catalogued - yet alone understood. Until that time, which will not be any time soon, it is the individual who can best identify the specific plant phytogenetics / chemotype most suited to assist them in the preservation and restoration of their health. Once the ideal cannabinoid profile has been identified, then that ratio is tried in a number of plants i.e. Indica, Sativa, Ruderalis as a beginning point in assessing the contribution of various terpenoid profiles."

    Whether Sativa, Indica, Ruderalis, male, female, hermaphrodite, native, feral, bred for fiber, seeds or medicinal resin, cannabis is the best source for the multitude of anti-tumor activities of molecules; such as D9THC, D8THC, CBD, CBG, CBC, D9THC-a, CBD-a, CBN and terpenes (together, they account for the Entourage effect of medicinal cannabis applications).
    Male and female cannabis plants have similar cannabinoid potency throughout development (Marijuana Chemistry, Mike Starks).

    D9THC boils at 157C. D8THC boils at 175C. CBD boils at 160-188C. CBD Diary – Project CBD informs, "However, both begin to sublimate off at even lower temperatures, and commercially available vaporizers, even the Volcano, do not heat evenly enough to allow fractionation of one component over another. What your patient is doing is wasting some cannabinoids and terpenoids by preheating. To get all of them out requires more prolonged heating, or a higher temperature. When the latter is done, it favors higher molecular weight sesquiterpenoids, many of which are sedating."

  Patients have also found that the raw young leaves growing nearest to the dominant center stem have psycho-activity when eaten.

    Hermaphrodite offspring vary by chemo-type: often high cannabinoid potency and unique cannabinoid ratios are the genes chosen in attempt to survive the species. One source claims that an indica hermaphrodite's female offspring will have a gene expression dominance for bulbous trichomes, with more resin than other varieties.
    The Sisters of Mercy, a cultivar group from a single seed crop of a hermaphroditic Cannatonic mother were found to range between low THCA /high CBDA, to vice versa- each ratio a unique treatment for an individual's condition: "There is tremendous drive within this plant to survive the winter. Stressors like light, heat, hydration, chemicals; anything that really pushes the plant will force it to make it's last ditch best effort to survive. Then, suddenly, feminization was not just a horrible human intervention; it was this plant stating "Wow! This is a rough environment and we need to put our best foot forward. And in doing so it may throw it's wildest cards down on the table.
    So despite all the huge negatives of hermaphroditic changes, the fear - All feminized seeds are going to select for hermaphroditic and we must steer clear of them! -the hermaphroditic tendency is a survival tendency. Yeah, we get a little pollen on our females. Yeah, it decreases the quality of a very small portion of the plant that actually produces seed. 
    And the whole ramifications were a small amount of flowers that produced seed that could possibly provide an incredible divergence in the genetic of the next generation that could improve it's survivability. They will master the environment." — William L. Courtney, M.D.

   Organic Culinary Succession Growing is a technique established (by Dr. Bill) to provide the daily requirements of a patient (with numerous plant allowance in the Emerald Triangle) for growing Acidic Phytocannabinoids, indoors: Planting a ruderalis (with shorter cycles to maturity) daily, a seed or clone that is started under 12/12 or flowering lights as often as needed can provide an entire mature plant each day: each clone makes a mature bonsai plant, with enough flower and leaf to feed an animal essential  phytocannabinoid acids needed on that day. 
    A culinary grow may also include window-boxes of hemp seed sprouts (hempgrass), in soil or sand. 
    Between 10 - 14 days of growth, sprouts reach a trichome/weight ratio equal to a mature plant, as medicinal potential peaks. One day after the true leaves emerge, CBG-Acid appears; and by day 7 the sprout has developed a medicinal amount of CBD-Acid, which peaks at 14 days. 

    UV/steam sterilized hemp seeds may sprout; sombunall seed brands will have a percentage of seeds able to become viable adults (although toasted seeds are often from viable auto-flowering (ruderalis has no light sensitive pfr hormones), albeit with a lower germination rate - see bottom for links for viable seed ((to USA)) vendors). 

    ****Synthetics Caution!****
"If you look at a drug like Marinol, the problem is 50% of the Marinol is not biologically active; 50% is Right-handed, 50% is Left-handed... Only one of those can fit into the receptor in the body and alter the cell physiology. And - the one that's very similar (it has the exact same number of molecules but not quite the same shape) actually can interfere with some of the functioning in terms of blocking binding at the receptor site in the receptor, in what they call the Ortho-steric binding site." — William L. Courtney, M.D

Acidic cannabinoid dietary cannabis
    Patients exceeding 4 decades need dietary cannabis daily.
    Patients using blood pressure, birth control, epilepsy, anti-psychotic or cardiac medicines need more dietary cannabis to elevate serum CB levels.
    Patients found the juice lowered their blood pressure an average of 10 points within 2 hours.
    Patients with arthritis have used fresh leaf as an anti-inflammatory poultice, finding results overnight.

The cloudiness of a trichome depends on the lighting AND maturity:
Trichomes lit with limited-bandwidth 1000W grow lights on left, compared to full-spectrum sunlight, on right.

    UV-B is the spectrum most utilized by a trichome to produce cannabinoid resins: directly correlated to increasing the total THC content and lowering the CBD; and increasing total cannabinoid content.
    Attuning the light proximity to a "sweet-spot" can peak CBD (ask which distance is best for your lamp).

    Beginning the UV-B exposure in controlled amounts at sprouting sets the gene expression of the plant for high total cannabinoid content at maturity.

    Induction bulbs have the full spectrum, with deep red nm UV-B to increase cannabinoid content through chemical changes in the trichome.

    For a windowbox of hempgrass, a self-ballasted 50w induction bulb may provide all the PAR needed at a near-daylight CIR.

   To ensure patients consume 250 - 500 mg of acidic phyto-cannabinoids daily, the Dr. suggests using precaution with plants left near a grow lamp or heat source, and rarely the tops of the plants in a very hot outdoor grow area (the amount of THC in a cup of heated juice could exceed 100 joints worth). 
    For example, when juicing many ounces, let a juicer cool down, or risk intoxication by "vegetable soup": "THCA is the real tricky molecule… Once it’s heated, it turns into THC and the tolerable dose drops from hundreds of milligrams a day to 10 milligrams."

    The discovery that raw, dietary cannabis is a 99.999% better medicament than smoked cannabis, implies the potential of the vegetable pre-aging, drying, or heating; especially considering the THC molecule, when present in psycho-active amounts, sets a limiting factor on what amount of that cannabis is consummable (as the patient titrates thier dose to avoid becoming dysphoric).

                                  Resinous flower grown indoors with full spectrum UV-B.

    "The amount of money spent on diseases that cannabis could prevent equal the military budget. Why would you deprive a child of the possibility of preventing tumors, or the possibility of preventing Diabetes? Under what guidelines does the government decide that a child cannot live in houses where dietary cannabis is grown? In my mind the question is: Do you wait until a child develops cancer to allow them access to therapeutic cannabinoids... Or does the concerned parent insist on including cannabinoids for the prevention of numerous childhood illnesses. Who knows which child is in danger?"

    A mature cannabis flower is a nutrient dense super-fruit, capable of reversing and preventing a host of illnesses, because it produces each dietary essential we cannot synthesize: Essential Cannabinoid Acids, Essential Fatty Acids, Essential Amino Acids and fiber.

    Humans have built-in endogenous cannabinoid systems, which control each cellular function at the cell membrane (NIH 2013).
    The Dr. explains, "The body produces Endogenous Cannabinoids. You may have heard of Endorphins: that's Endogenous Morphine. Well, in a similar fashion, the body produces Endogenous Cannabinoid."

    "A million times a day, cells begin to divide that shouldn't be dividing, and the immune system has to say, 'Hey, you know the shrubs are getting a little hairy there; we've got to trim them down. We've got enough Renal cells or Kidney cells. We've got enough bone cells, muscle cells'. So the immune system's highly competent at dealing with that, but it can become more competent. That is exactly what cannabinoids do, whether you're talking about the body's Endogenous cannabinoids, or the plant, which can be Phyto-cannabinoids or Exogenous cannabinoids. Both of those terms (Phyto-cannabinoids and Exogenous cannabinoids) refer to those twenty carbon molecules produced outside of the body, but bind to the protein receptors on the cells in our body and therefore, help regulate it. So whether, we're talking about the body's chemistry, or the plant chemistry, their role is to modulate the function of the immune system."
    "So”, the doctor adds, “a cannabinoid is a modulator that restores optimal function. That's what the body's system is doing. That's what the plant does. The plant facilitates the rapid restoration of the normal function."

    Dr. Courtney and his wife Kristen began juicing cannabis after experimenting with raw cannabis. For many years, Kristen struggled with systemic lupus. When her condition improved dramatically following several weeks of saturating with raw cannabis, they were convinced they had discovered a cure for chronic illness. Kristen shares, "You wouldn't consider a Diabetic addicted to Insulin. I have an Endogenous Cannabinoid Deficiency. When I drink the leaf, I feel more attentive, more awake. I can breathe better. I don't get heartburn or stomach pain, or feel muscle weakness or lower back or pelvic pain. By eating it, I am able to saturate much more so than I could. Even if I was smoking all day long, I wouldn't be able to saturate as heavily as I can juicing. I think the anti-fungal and anti-bacterial which is CBN, and the THCA and Cannabidiol are all helpful. But I think, more importantly, it is the interplay of all the cannabinoids together that causes the most benefit. That when you isolate each one and take it alone, or take it as a pure synthetic it can't have the benefits. It doesn't have the same effects that they all have together. I thought: How does everyone not know about this. I felt right then and there my focus in life had to be helping other people in my same situation to get this information to use as well."

    Both Dr. Courtney and his wife share the joy of helping others with raw cannabis: "It makes you feel good when they come back, and they have stopped using something that causes GI tract bleeding or causes liver damage, pain pills and anti-inflammatory drugs. You feel like it's worth the whole struggle to get the education out there."

    "Raw dietary use is the only way to get the full benefit of this plant." 

    Serum cannabinoid levels double per mg/dose of raw cannabinoids when compared to neutral, because our receptors are 200-400% more able to receive a raw, acidic cannabinoid than heated.
    Although cannabis extracts, tinctures and juice powders do preserve THCa and CBDa, they cannot preserve the enzymes like fresh Leaf and inflorences.
    Enzymes in raw cannabis allow a cannabinoid receptor to continue functioning after receiving each cannabinoid. 
    Hemp seed oil, being cold pressed (to avoid THCA becoming detectable THC), is a carrier of these important enzymes.
    Also promoting the ECS function are a molecule in coconut flesh that aids CB receptors, and catechins (common in green tea and cacao) which have CB1 agonist activity. 

    Cannabinoid receptors and endo-cannabinoids are formed with essential fatty acids - Hemp seed carries the perfect combination of EFA (and creates healthy lipid tissue to store endo- and phyto- cannabinoids).
    Other endo-cannabinoids are formed by intestinal flora; pro-biotics such as kefir, rejuvalac, kombucha, kimchi, kvass, yogurt and sauerkraut promote intestinal culture. 

    Juicing is considered the best manner to utilize cannabis, second to browsing on fresh bracts and leaflets: Browsing 5 or 6 times a day on an entire plant or a few leaflets will address cannabinoid serum levels, as they begin clearing 45 minutes after each dose has absorbed; fifty leaves and a bud make a perfect smoothie in a fiber-ejecting herb juicer. 
     Eating a flower cola means more chewing for the patient, but is the only way to deliver 100% of the medicine, and is recommended for any advanced condition. 
    A wheat-grass juicer is recommended for large quantities of leaf, and a blender is best when juicing buds.
    Raw cannabis, not rinsed, should be stored in the refrigerator within sealed green produce bags for up to two weeks, and juice should be kept on ice in the fridge for up to 3 days or frozen until needed. 
    To prepare leaves for a juicer, soak in a bowl of cold water for 5 minutes. Make sure the leaves are entirely clean before soaking, even if they are organically grown. Coconut oil can lubricate the leaf through the masticating herb juicers.
    Plants sprayed with any pesticides shouldn't be eaten, but some pests are edible, such as spider mites.

    The problem: "The throat irritation is based on the fact that the stems of cannabis have sharp little hairs" from Why the raw cannabis juicing trend may not be all it's juiced up to be -Xeni Jardin is null, according to: Superfoods: The Food and Medicine of the Future -David Wolfe: "Hemp leaves contain a high percentage of silica and fiber. One side of the leaf is soft and the other side is abrasive, so as the leaf is eaten and the fiber moves through the body, the sides of the leaf churn through the tract, scrubbing and softly cleaning the intestines."

     Each cultivars produces differing cannabinoid ratios in leaf, compared to flower; eating each together is recommended.
    For maximum cannabinoids, eat buds when the trichomes are fully expressed, but not yet amber (cloudy), and Leaf while at the vegetative stage. 
    Indica and Sativa leaves mature between 70-85 days, Ruderalis plants between 40-65 days. Due to the sequential appearance of cannins, the vertebrate health condition may respond better to younger plants; even halfway through maturity, when stem-cell repairing CBGA peaks.


    Cannabis researcher and clinician, Dr. Courtney may rx a daily regime of a few ounces of hemp foods: hemp seed nuts, butter and oil, 4-8 ounces of leaf juice divided into 5 doses (or ideally, browse on 6-30 leaves and a bud the size of your whole thumb for the mechanical cleansing fiber; at minimum 10 grams/day of vegetative leaf), and 500mg of CBD.
"And it's phenomenal because you get these cannabinoids in. They're non-psychoactive. They saturate the body, and they facilitate the body's regulation. And so, I tell each of my patients: the single most important thing you put in your mouth after water, on a daily basis, is, approximately, eight green leaves a day".

    When 5 mg/kg of CBD is indicated for one's condition, a patient may need to remove THC to allow a higher quantity to be tolerated (unless a pure CBD strain is available).
"Take your cannabis. You grind the cannabis to a fine degree which increases the surface area so that you can get to the cannabinoids in the plant material. You get a variable temperature heat gun, which allows you to provide a constant single temperature for hours at a time, so that it's better than any of the vaporizers, because it's very, very, very steady. You turn the heat on until it goes to 166 degrees Centigrade. The longer you heat it the more THC is boiled."

     CBD is present at 4,500mg/lb in Northern Lights, a 1% CBD, and new 5% strains provide 22,000 mg/lb. The ideal CBD dose to body weight is 5-20 mg/kg. For a 200kg person to reach a 5mg CBD dose, it would require 500mg of a 5% strain.

    CBD is a lipid anti-oxidant stronger than Vitamin E. It's useful in the prevention and treatment of oxidative conditions such as amphetamine or alcohol exposure and diseases of the CNS as it crosses the Blood-Brain-Barrier and exerts anti-oxidant activity. Furthermore, sedating, hypnotic, anti-epileptic, and anti-dystonic activity has been detected.
    William L. Courtney elaborates, "So, it's a fat molecule that can get into the brain, which is very hard to do because the brain is very protective, but because this has 34 million years of research on its side it knows how to walk between the lines and the body has allowed it access to the brain. So, for Parkinsons, for Alzheimers, for strokes whether embowelic, hemmorhagic, or traumatic, or surgical, these are all conditions where CBD is uniquely beneficial."

    Some CBD rich plants are: Industrial Hemp; strains that were bred a few decades ago that remain as they were in the 60's-70's; plants from,, and labs such as GW Pharm.

    "The Hemp plant is actually an excellent plant because the THC content can be low, that's if you're treating a condition for which appears CBD food supplement is in order.
    The plants we're using in Luxembourg have only 1% CBD, a 1% CBD plant is providing you with 19 times more CBD per pound than Oranges provide you of vitamin C. A 1% is an excellent source, you can make tremendous concentrates, you can eat the plant raw; and in the absence of the THC you can heat Hemp, which you can't do with other strains because the THC acid comes out and you end up with a psycho-toxic substance."— William L. Courtney, M.D 

     The THC dose that is most prophylactic is 0.002 mg per kilogram of body weight, a biphasic (psychoactive) dose is 10-50 mg:  For the powerful neuro-protective, anti-emetic and metabolism boosting CB1 agonist activity of THC, the safest preparations are vaporized bubble hash (cured, this is called ice wax and makes a pure vapor), and heated dietary cannabis.

     In one study, an electric vaporizer was shown to release substantial amounts of the THC while producing no benzene, toluene, and naphthalene, which are generated when cannabis is combusted.
"Analysis showed that the Volcano vapor consisted almost entirely of THC (95%), with traces of cannabinol (CBN). In contrast, analysis of the combusted smoke showed a potpourri of at least 111 different gas phase components, including six known PAHs. Non-cannabinoids accounted for as much as 88% of the total gas content of the smoke." O’Shaughnessy’s, Summer 2003 pg. 9

Dr Bill's Recommendations:
Oral Kief: Kief the bud, then add it to yogurt.
Dried trim Leaf: Baked goods or Shona Banda oil (higher in THC use in edibles).
Topical: Use oil to extract the cannabinoids (THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN). Fill bottle with bud and or leaf then cover with oil and shake for 2-3 weeks. Filter off the plant material. Use as a topical massage oil for local pain, muscle spasms/articular inflammation. Alternatively, add 1 gm kief to 2 ounces of melted salve and dissolve. Apply locally, increasing test dose strength gradually.

    Other topical uses: Leaf powder can substitute for sugar/salt or apricot seed as an exfoliating skin rub. Hemp seed oil has an SPF 6, and softens skin/hair.

Tincture: Use edible alcohol, cover the bud/leaves with alcohol, can crush/stir the mixture only done for minutes you will primarily get cannabinoids. If done longer, you will increase the amount of chlorophyll.

Frozen ethyl alcohol tek: Place matter to be washed in container of ethyl alcohol, set container in larger, ice filled container, and place in a dry ice within a freezer. Leave containers in freeze for 15min to two weeks - for less or more whole plant medicine.

    CBN is produced naturally and as a product of the oxidation of THC. Other commonly known activities of CBN are sedative, anti-leshmanial, anti-biotic, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-convulsive, anti-proliferative and decreasing intestinal motility.
    Shona Banda Oil cured in a sunlit container may be the quickest process to isolating CBN; after plants mature, THCA will form CBNA.

    Resin, or reclaim oil, carries less THC than smoke, and .3% more CBN, CBD.
    Bongwater does not carry cannabinoids, unless alcohol or fats are added (Marijuana Chemistry, Michael Starks).

    Common Hemp seed oil provides 10 mg/kg CBD, 0.6mg THC per 50-100 ml and traces of acidic phytocannabinoids. 
     Some EU sourced Hemp seed oil can contain up to 50 mg of THC per kg. 
    Swiss hemp essential oil contains 540 mg of CBD and 3 mg each CBD, CBG and CBN per kg (Composition of hemp seed oil, C Leizer).

    For more on dietary cannabis, consult with; or with the Arcata Humboldt Patient Resource Center, the San Jose Canna Culture Collective, the Mendocino Leonard Moore Co-op, the Denver RiverRock Wellness, the Kalamazoo Med Joint Community Compassion Center, the Olympia Sonshine Organics Network; or seek a patient donation of frozen juice doses and raw powdered cannabis juice from Aurora, in Fortuna, Ca. (

"You have to understand cannabinoids: it's the key to getting better."

"It's a dietary essential: it's so much more than a medicine - and it definitely is safe."

"You can use it in the morning, and midday; still function - drive cars, there is no interference with your ability to take care of your daily issues."

"It's the poster-child for raw food."

"The use of the raw plant includes the acid cannabinoids; CBDA, THCA, CBGA, CBCA. The acid cannabinoids, CBDA and CBGA are now known to act at GPR55 as potent antagonists of that pro-inflammatory receptor. The acid cannabinoids are 2-4 fold more effective than the neutral cannabinoids, which have been the exclusive focus of study for the last 30 years. The neutral cannabinoids, CBD, THC, CBG, CBC … are functionally synthetic molecules made by application of heat to alter the naturally occurring Acidic Phytocannabinoids. The specific ratio of cannabinoids is an area of tremendous significance and an area in need of additional research. Consumption of the whole mature raw flower / bud and leaf is the best current thought. The amount per day is dependent upon the weight-to-weight cannabinoid content analysis of that specific plant as there is dramatic variation between particular plants of the same name and across time for a specific plant.
If analysis is not available, assume high THC concentration in the 8% to 21% weight to weight or w/w. In general CBD is usually less than 1% w/w. Another way of describing the relative amounts of THC to CBD is cannabinoid content. For the vast majority of strains in California the ratio OF CBD TO THC per 100 grams of cannabinoid, is 0.4 to 1.0 grams of CBD/100gm to 90-95 grams of THC/100gm. Sadly the other 78 cannabinoids share the remaining 4 grams. Note that W/W is the amount of CBD per unit weight of cannabis where cannabinoid content is an estimate of the relative amount of THC, CBD, CBC, CBG, CBN etc per 100 gm of cannabinoid extracted from a particular strain.
Individuals often start out with 1-3 grams of mature bud / flower to assure no idiosyncratic allergic reaction or psycho-activity. In indoor grow rooms with low ceilings sometimes the buds get very close or touch the high pressure sodium lights which are hot enough to breakdown THCA into THC. It has been suggested that very hot outdoor grows may also have some decarboxylation at the top of the plant but this is very rare. Once comfortable with mature raw flower, slowly increase the amount to 14 grams or 1/2 ounce wet weight mature bud harvested from the living plant. In addition to the raw bud use 30 to 300 leaves per day in accordance to the amount of plant that can be consistently provided on a daily basis. It is best to juice the leaves to decrease bulk of the fiber but it is best to blend the flower into the juice of the leaf, particularly with the new 10-20% CBDA strains. Blending the bud rather than juicing it, reduces the loss of cannabinoids that adhere to the ejected fiber that is part of the juicing process. In the past bud was juiced when using 1% CBDA plants because of the large amount of plant material required in order to recover 600 mg of CBD.
Flavor management is a very important for compliance. The juiced leaf and blended flower is combined with hemp milk/ hemp oil / keifer / yogurt into a smoothie or combined with fresh vegetable or fruit juices. Organic produce without the fungicides, herbicides and pesticides are important if available.
The smoothie / juice with its phyto-cannabinoids / terpenes / flavinoids are best taken in divided doses due to their rapid clearance i.e. the cannabinoids clear in about 50 minutes after absorption from the intestine is complete. If the final amount is 10 ounces, then divide into five 2-ounce doses and take every 4 hours. Keep on ice. Shake before using to mix the fatty acids with the water portion of the juice. For serious illnesses, try for 6 doses a day, that is leave one dose in the refrigerator for consumption if one gets up to use the restroom at night.
Replace high THC plants with plants of increased CBD content and ideally with plants providing specific ratios of CBDA to THCA indicated for the specific medical condition.
The THC dose, for those that are comfortable with THC, is 10-15 mg. If you are blending a mature bud into a glass of juice it could and should have 5-600 mg of THCA and 5-600 mg of CBDA if the plant is a 1:1 plant such as the original Cannatonic 6.9%w/w CBD to 6.2% w/w THC or a tested strain of Harlequin, which range from 4%/4% to 8%/8% CBD/THC. If that juice is accidentally heated by placing the ‘vegetable’ juice into a vegetable soup, it will create a very psycho-toxic dose of THC.
Reiterating to a fault, if you are consuming 600 mg of a 1:1 plant, you are consuming not only 600 mg of CBDA but also 600mg of THCA, upon heating the THCA turns in to approximately 580mg of THC when the tolerable dose is 10 mg! That would be like consuming 58 brownies when you can only tolerate 1!
If you find a source of Cannatonic seeds beware that the Cannatonic feminized seeds can vary widely from the original plant. Recent HPLC testing showed an expression of CBDA from 22% w/w to <1%CBDA and concurrently THCA contents ranged from 1% w/w to 30 % w/w. This marked divergence mandates testing of the plant while keeping back living clones in case you locate the desired cannabinoid ratio.
"If you have not eaten cannabis for a long time, you are struggling alone. Your immune system is doing it's best, but . . . it's my belief that if the CBD was there 5 years ago or twenty years ago - if it was part of your diet daily - there would be a lot less of those Cancers that we then would have to struggle with in a life and death fashion. You want to have CBD present before an event occurs. So if you are eating leaf regularly, and if your CBD content is ready - think of it like Vitamin C: it's just an anti-oxidant on board, you limit the extent of the re-profusion injury, and you mitigate the damage from being done."
"Morocco may be the only place on the planet where men live longer than women. The cultural aspect is that men sit around and smoke this hash together that is 40-50% CBD. And so, by accident or societal prudence, that are consuming a significant quantity of these 'prophylaxis' cannabinoids, and it appears to have given them a capacity to weather the rough lifestyle and add years to their lives."
''A child who used to have hundreds of seizures a day now goes days without having a seizure [using 11:1 CBD/THC Hemp juice after being on every medication Western Medicine had]. Another patient of mine who is 2 or 3 years old had a brain stem tumor: after receiving 10 times the fatal exposure of radiation and a bone marrow transplant, she was sent home from hospice care. She was consuming up to 4 - 8 oz of raw cannabis juice per day - her MRI came, not only is the tumor gone, but the radiation damage, the scar tissue has completely reabsorbed in a year and a half, and it normally takes 5 - 6 years for that to reabsorb.''
"Anxiolytic: if you highlight it every time the Federal Patent refers to anti-anxiety effects - in a somewhat humorous effort to distinguish anti-anxiety as a non-psychoactive effect - and as a psychiatrist it's like 'Ha, they're trying to distinguish the THC effect from the CBD effect!' - 'CBD really helps with anxiety - that's ok. THC we don't know what it does but that's horrible!'"
"If its true that the pharmaceutical industry equals the Forbes 500, you have a block that want to preserve its ability to continue being able to pay its mortgages and send its kids to school, but it has an enormous amount of power - its going to be difficult - I mean Science is overwhelmingly clear that the body regulates itself intimately with the Endo-Cannabinoid system; and that cannabis for 34 million years of co-lateral evolution has consolidated these 20 carbon molecules - we're over 100+ of those now - to assist the Endogenous Cannabinoid system in its goal: to maintain Homeostasis - so if a cell becomes over active it will down regulate it, if its under-active it will up regulate it.
The fact that such a prestigious institution as the National Cancer Institute has acknowledged that there are direct anti-tumor effects, means that at the top things are beginning to change. But that will have a double-edged sword: -if cannabis really is that beneficial, let's get out there and make it Roundup Ready and grow it cheaper and make sure it's sterile seeds so you have to buy it from Monsanto. So people can't propagate it on their own. It's the next wave: If it's not basically illegal the world over, then let's make it inaccessible-unless you buy from a company that owns it's genetics." — William L. Courtney, M.D

"Over 525 different chemical compounds have been identified in the Cannabis plant. These substances act as primarily feedback modulators facilitating the Endogenous Cannabinoid System’s regulation of cellular physiology. The plant’s primary constituent is THC-a, which along with other phyto-cannabinoids, interact to modulate the immune system.
Patients become dysphoric or euphoric on 10-20 mg of THC, well before they can take in a full dose (200 to 1,000 mg) of the other non-psychoactive cannabinoids. Many middle-aged patients cannot tolerate THC, even if it alleviates their symptoms, due to the dysphoria that interferes with their day-to-day functions. Age or heat decarboxylate THCa to THC, reducing the tolerable dose from 2000 mg to 10 mg, and resulting in the loss of the inflammatory, anti-spasmodic and anti-proliferative activities of the cannabinoids.
US Patent 6,630,507 states that certain cannabinoids can have useful therapeutic effects, which are not mediated by cannabinoid receptors, and are therefore not accompanied by psychoactive side effects. Furthermore, the absence of psycho-activity in some cannabinoids allows for very high doses to be used without encountering unpleasant side effects or potentially dangerous complications.
In October 2009, we confirmed that the 14,500 µgm / ml of non-psychoactive THCa was potently active in modulating the immune system and was tolerated because the 90 µgm / ml of free THC does not cross the CB1 stimulation threshold. This has supported widespread interest in juicing the whole plant, diluting that juice 10:1 for palatability and then consuming the juice in divided doses up to 5 times / day. We have discovered that dietary leaf therapy is a gradual process that increases over the first two months or regular use. Once the plant is absorbed, cannabinoids clear in 50 minutes supporting a q3-4 hour dosing."
''Cannabinoids, Terpenes and Flavinoids have numerous functions, but play a central role in modulating the immune system. They have been shown to be effective as anti-oxidants, analgesics, and as an anti-inflammatory; they are anxiolytic, effective in treating OCD, are active in cellular glucose metabolism, and appear to inhibit aggressive tumor cell growth. The terpenes are known to act synergistically as allosteric modulators at the CB2 receptor. Abnormal function of the ECS can arise from a Clinical Endo-Cannabinoid Deficiency (CECD), from an as yet unidentified Endogenous Terpene Deficiency, as well as from structural / functional deficits in the synthetic, import and degradative enzymes.''
"Every body needs access to this plant; but people with nothing else, at least this would give them their health back. Relax them, and help them enter a state of mind where they are more creative, more open to the changes they're facing; less fearful about what that means. And maybe, even offer them a sense of peace and hopefulness about what is next. Rather than focusing on what you have lost.
For places that don't have adequate vaccine, that are impoverished, this is a cheap way they can protect their bodies - and also one of the best ways they can do both at the same time.
Cannabis is one of the major plants used throughout time, it is so often overlooked, when people talk about medicinal plants of the past, people don't realize how important of a role it has played, and that compared to the whole of Human existence, it is only very recently that has had a negative stigma attached, or that is has been illegal... - compared to the whole of Human existence.
I think William is right: that we should all be writing Obama a letter thanking him for the government patent on Cannabidiol... and urging him to allow us Medical Freedom." — Kristen Courtney

"Dr. Mechoulam discovered why massive doses of cannabis hasn't killed anybody, not one recorded death. We don't have any cannabinoid Receptors CB1 or CB2 in the Medulla Oblongata, that's the part of the Brain that controls Respiration and Heart rate. So massive doses of many other drugs or even not so massive doses cause Respiratory depression, Cardiac suppression and Death. Massive doses of Marijuana might make people fall a sleep but it doesn't stop their breathing or heart." — Dr. Frank H. Lucido

''Magnesium Chloride is a potent mineral medicine; it is safe and incredibly fast-acting, as is marijuana. When Magnesium is combined with cannabinoid medicine we dramatically increase the medical horsepower we are applying and can expect superior results. Magnesium is the Lamp of Life and without it we are toast! The two together should be stocked in medicine cabinets providing the safest, most effective medicine team we can recommend for patients.'' — Dr. Mark Sircus

"Very simply, when THC connects to the CB1 or CB2 cannabinoid receptor site on the cancer cell, it causes an increase in Ceramide synthesis which drives cell death. A normal healthy cell does not produce Ceramide in the presence of THC, thus is not affected by the cannabinoid." — Dennis Hill

"So, there are numerous benefits from these Essential Fatty Acids that help modulate. We can change our biological chemistry by our nutritional intake, but going beyond that is the only certain limitations as to how much you can vary our Endo-Cannabinoid activity from a nutritional point of view. So, that - for many people - the whole huge spectrum of illnesses ... they all have free-radicals ... and cannabinoids, be they the ones we make or the ones we can take in benefit those!
So, it's now my contention that in order to reset the thermostat: to lower the damage caused by - essentially, a degree of unnecessary inflammatory responses, we have to essentially consume cannabis; with cannabis being, now - from my perspective, an essential nutrient by virtue of how it will turn down inflammatory responses and inhibit the aging process and the negative consequences of age-related illnesses. Nobody dies from being old - they die from age-related illnesses.
Very safe and effective medicine that's able to uniquely tap into our Endo-Cannabinoid System which interestingly and ironically regulates everything in our body."
"The Tree of life is the cannabinoid plant. The Endo-Cannabinoid system is uniquely suited to holistically modify the mulch-dimensional interacting limit cycles that determine a systems health at any instance as well as how it evolves over time."
"...on the deepest levels of our being, the same process is repeated....All our economic structures, our political structures, our social structures are all manifestations of the same process that occurs within us and...creates humans, within humans, and it all has fundamental underlying relationships to cannabis"
"So, what we would like to do as sentient Human beings is try to understand how we can promote our own health: and not only our own health as individuals but the health of the society - because we happen to be a part of the society, whether you like it or not - and how our society is part of a bigger whole: the environment, and how can we through understanding and knowledge become contributing factors to positive movement. And what role - surprisingly - does the Endo-Cannabinoid System play in allowing that to occur?" (A: Consciousness is the process controlled by the ECS that allows understanding) — Dr. Robert Melamede

Sproutable raw viable pure CBD Hemp seeds are available from Suma, Chi Vital, Detox Your World, The Happy Health Company, Biona, Hempiness, and Haiths

For viable seed shipped to USA, order whole hempseed from other vendors have lied, instead shipping sterilized/toasted seed.

CBD extracts sold by vendors claiming to have a product legal in all 50 states have been tested to contain exceeding % of THC, lead and arsenic. Avoid these industrial chinese imports, seek a locally trusted source.

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Food Grade UK Hemp Leaf Tea (search):
UK Google search for hanf natur hemp tea

Fine Hemp Seed oil vendors: may be the cheapest USA vendor of high quality in small amounts  may be the cheapest USA vendor of high quality in large amounts

OTC CBD (Hemp constituents now legal in USA): 25 mg "scripts" may contain 1 mg THC

Swiss hemp essential oil: fine Hemp essential oil
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Clean Gene Act - William L. Courtney, M.D. 

William L. Courtney, M.D. 
Candidate for the Unites States House of Representatives, 2nd district of California

Like corporations with their affirmed 1st Amendment Rights, Congress, the US Patent and Trademark Office and Legal Precedent shelter Genetic Predation. In typical professional courtesy the sociopaths confer the right to turn a profit even if you destroy a billion year old global genome. Monsanto pollution is not of the Air or Water, we have the Clean Air Act and Clean Water Act to set some modicum of social consideration of the pure Id driven mandate to maximize dividends, damn the environment and its protagonists. Monsanto’s first romp has already failed, financially plants are becoming resistant to RoundUpC, morally they have altered the surface markers converting Soy from a safe food staple to one that now provokes allergic reactions. Consequence of short sighted for-profit genetic predation: 100 million years to reverse the damage. Costs to clean up the environment in 2011 US Dollars?? 

Irrevocable damage to the global geneome makes Deep Horizon ( look like ‘Earth Day’. 210,000,000 gallons of spilt oil? Cost to restore environment? 

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"The fact that such a prestigious institution as the National Cancer Institute has acknowledged that there are direct antitumor effects, means that at the top things are begining to change. But that will have a double-edged sword: If cannabis really is that beneficial, let's get out there and make it Roundup Ready and grow it cheaper and make sure it's sterile seeds so you have to buy it from Monsanto. So people can't propagate it on thier own. It's the next wave: if it's not basically illegal the world over, then let's make it inaccessible-unless you buy from a company that owns it's genetics." William L. Courtney, M.D

"It's time we all become warriors. This statement is due in part to my concern about Monsanto being granted the right to manipulate alfalfa, and more plants are falling under it's spell of 'sterilized' and made Roundup-ready... and you certainly have that sense that humans are just around the bend from sterilization and Roundup-readiness." William L. Courtney, M.D.

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